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五下 Unit 1 Story time


1.为什么                        have to

2.因为                          try on

3.衣服                          fit

4.不得不                        why

5.试穿                          because

6.合适,合身                    clothes


     1.-          are you so sad?

          -Because I can’t find my kite.

         A. What           B. Why          C. How

(      ) 2. I don’t have _______ new clothes..

A. a            B. any             C. some

(      ) 3. This pair of shoes is beautiful. Cinderella tries _______.

A. them on          B. on them        C. it on

(      ) 4. Cinderella _____ a good time at the party.

A. have             B. has            C. having

(      ) 5. Lucy ______ on the T-shirt but it _____ fit.

A.try , doesn’t   B.trys , don’t    C.tries, doesn’t


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